The ILFORD ILFOCOLOR range consists of 35mm Color film, Color Chemistry Developing Kits, Color Single Use Film Cameras and Reusable 35mm Film Cameras.

Photographers still appreciate the distinctive look of color film, which includes a certain warmth, grain structure, and depth that is often described as more organic.

The physical nature of film also provides a tangible connection to your images, which many photographers find meaningful. The aesthetic of film creates timeless images that feel genuine and enduring.

Our range of ILFORD ILFOCOLOR films offer unique characteristics allowing photographers to choose a specific look and feel for their projects.

  • ILFOCOLOR Vintage Tone 400 Plus C41 Film carries a nostalgic and timeless quality, evoking the classic look of images from past decades.
  • ILFOCOLOR CINE TONE 400 ECN-2 Film is perfect for achieving that classic cinematic look and feel to your photos.
  • ILFORD ILFOCHROME 100 E6 Film produces images with exceptional color accuracy, fine grain, and dynamic range.

ILFORD ILFOCOLOR films can be developed at your local photo lab or by using the applicable ILFORD ILFOCOLOR Chemistry Kits.